Canadians’ favourite fine cheese since 1893 (we hope so!). 125 years of modernity

The story of OKA cheese begins in 1893, when the young and dashing Brother Alphonse Juin, master cheesemaker of the French abbey Notre-Dame-du-Port-Sault, settles in the Trappist community of Deux-Montagnes, in Oka, Quebec. 

That year, at the abbey, between two Hail Marys, Brother Juin created OKA cheese, which went on to win the best new product award at Montreal’s Salon Agri culturel. Back then, we didn’t have the Internet to brag on, so please excuse us while we do it now, 125 years and many other awards and prizes later.

It goes without saying, but back then, Brother Juin was not a lazy monk. He produced more than fifty wheels of cheese a month for both the Trappists and the Montreal market. The people of Quebec fell in love with OKA cheese, which distinguished itself from Original cheddar thanks to its creamy taste and semi-firm texture.


that stands the test of time

Like all good traditions, the art of making OKA cheese was passed down to a chosen few. In 1981, Trappist cheese masters finally shared their knowledge and the secret OKA cheese recipe with the cheese masters from the Agropur Cooperative, allowing this staple of the Quebec agri-food industry to continue to find its way on to the plates of future generations. 

The story doesn’t specify whether this transfer of knowledge was done over a good altar wine, but we like to think it was.

OKA Cheese 101

A supercentenarian manufacturing method, a taste inspired by the year 1893.


Generations OKA – 125 years of excellence

When asked about the secret of OKA cheese longevity, we can’t help but ramble a bit. What do you expect? We are 125 years-old after all. 

We want to talk about its modest yet daring beginnings. It took some courage to create a new cheese for a market dominated by cheddar. 

We also want to let you know that OKA cheese goes with, well, everything. Could that also be the secret to its longevity? Versatility, boldness, or a combination of both? We don’t worry about the norm; we dare to try new things and be different while remaining anchored in tradition. You like to enjoy your OKA cheese with soup in the morning, fried chicken for lunch and waffles for supper?

That’s allOK if it’s OKA.

As for the essentials, well, they’re different for everyone. For us, it’s about respecting the original recipe and the quality of the product. 

Just because we believe in tradition, doesn’t mean we don’t try to keep up with modern times. Did you know what we’re now on social media? We thought that since we’re on your plate every day, we might as well be on your feed too!

Finally, we wanted to tell you that even though we’re over 125 years old, we still love to collaborate. With you, of course, because to produce an excellent cheese, you need excellent customers, but also, a dedicated team who always gives their best to create a cheese of the highest quality!


Come back tomorrow for our future.

Even though we’re 125 years old, we still can’t predict what the future holds. However, we can guarantee you one thing: we’ll keep the OKA cheese's passion for the next 125 years. And maybe a flying car or two.